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Brokers and Credit Unions
Phoenix Mortgage Management have been providing broker services for a number of years, and can help you help your clients achieve their finance goals. Combined with our access to credit unions, a genuine alternative to the big 4 banks, your clients will have access to a complete solution for management of their home loan and other financial products.

Mortgage Broker Services
Phoenix’s role is to ensure that the brokers receive the best products the credit unions can provide, and that the credit unions only deal with reputable, quality brokers and aggregators.

Benefits for Brokers
Borrowers and brokers are looking for a credible alternative to the major banks; Unlike other non-bank lenders, credit unions are approved deposit taking institutions regulated by ASIC and APRA.

Phoenix Mortgage Management manages the relationship with your aggregator to ensure products are kept up to date and developed to remain relevant and competitive.

Phoenix provides Business Development Managers to help you with loan scenarios and to iron out any bumps along the way to ensure you and your borrowers are happy.

Credit Unions offer competitive banking options, with outstanding customer service and access to a great range of services and products.

Who processes the loan?
You will deal directly with credit union processing team and the borrowers receive the positive member experience that credit unions are renowned for.

Will my client become a member of the credit union?
Yes. They will become a member of the credit union that process and settles the loans and the benefit of access to all the credit union services.

Do they have to pay a membership fee?
Their membership fee is included in the application fee.

No worries post-settlement
Once the loan is funded, the credit unions involved in the program will maintain and service the loan, including the issuing of statements, processing of repayments, internet banking access, and the processing of redraw requests. The credit union will be located in the state the borrower resides in.